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4 months Weekend Acting Course

Mystic Acts - 99teams hosts an ACTING INTENSIVE WORKSHOP with Actor & Director Abhishek Pandey , Theatre Director & Actor Vijay Kumar(NSD) with Casting Director & Meditation Facilitator Amano Dhyan.

Whether a student is the lead in their high school's musical, preparing to portray one of Shakespeare's tragic heroes, or in the ensemble of a contemporary comedy, they need solid acting skills to make their characters believable and truthful.Acting Intensive is a four-hour workshop that will help serious theatre students gather a set of tools to make every audition, rehearsal and performance more relaxed, specific and real. Acting Intensive finds its foundation in the definition of acting as "Living truthfully under imaginary circumstances" and will focus on three key concepts: reality of doing, honest talking and listening, and character point view. Each student will have an opportunity to work individually and with a partner, on text and through improvisation, under the guidance of an instructor with many years of professional experience. This workshop will run with not more than 15 students.

acting during auditions and it doesn't feel right?
working to improve your cold-reading skills?
not getting the parts you think you're right for?

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