What we do? 

Our site is being seen by some outstanding movie and TV makers and chiefs. When you enroll with us, we transfer your point by point portfolio on our site. In this way our site exhibits your abilities and encounters alongside your photographs and recordings to the concerned individuals of media outlets improving your opportunity to get pertinent chance. 

How to enlist with 99Teams? 

Tap on the "Enlist Now" catch gave on the landing page and additionally on the Contact Us page and top off the shape.

How might I be an Actor/Actress with 99teams? 

Everybody ought to make an online profile with us under the Talent Registration area on our site. It is free except if you need to have an acting site to advertise yourself either through our specialists or autonomously.
This is called an "enacted" account with the free profile, you will have the capacity to grandstand 3-4 pictures of yourself with Youtube video joins, Make beyond any doubt these photos are a decent portrayal of what you look like at this point. You ought not submit pictures that are taken from far away or make them wear a cap or shades as these don't precisely depict what you look like. Ability should type in their resume, contact data and points of interest.
Performers: Like each other calling, acting is work that requires preparing and encounter. Consistently we are searching for prepared performing artists for ventures that require distinctive levels of expertise.
It would be ideal if you ensure that you incorporate the majority of your preparation in your profile including all school level and post-school preparing and furthermore any acting knowledge in theater, film, TV, radio and corporate undertakings.


What is being on record with 99teams? 

After you have made your online profile with us under the "Enrollment" area, you are thought to be on record with us. Being on document with us implies that you are formally enlisted to be considered for work in Entertainment media. Keep in mind that, we are NOT Talent Agents/facilitators so we DO NOT speak to ability.
Ability are spoken to by Agents. Specialists are the ones who will submit ability for tryouts and gain commission from your work. As Casting Directors, we work for our customers, the Producers, Directors and Production organizations who employ us, helping them in finding the correct ability for the activity. A Production organization is who really contracts you, not 99teams, so we are NEVER the Employer of Record.
It would be ideal if you Note: It is dependent upon you to keep your profile refreshed with current data. 

Imagine a scenario in which I have a Talent Agent/Co-Ordinator. 

Being on document with us won't influence the relationship any ability has with their specialist.
when you create and maintain your profile , make sure that you include your agents contact nformation under the portrayal segment.
We will then contact your specialist on the off chance that we need you for a tryout or in the event that one of our customers needs to book you.

I have been suspicious about the entire business as far as what I or my kid might get included with, for example, money related tricks and the absence of sense of pride and self-esteem that is found in TV programming in the twentieth century. For what reason is 99Teams extraordinary? 

99Teams is an association shaped by individuals who have experienced a similar battle and suspicious point of view as you are and we feel as if we have been honored to engage, elevate and urge others to put ability first. 

What age bunches does Talent Link speak to? 

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