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Mystic acts alumni's Bollywood debut in Bagpat Ka Dulha

Mystic acts alumni's Bollywood debut


We are thrilled to share this moment with you all, where our alumni’s are living the moment they wished for!  Where we accord an opportunity for our mentees..



Students engagement:


         So Bagpat ka dulha is an upcoming romantic comedy Bollywood film in which Mystic acts students/alumni’s got the chance to explore and experience their talent in-front of a big shooting setup, Studio and Screen!  It's a great feeling where our students achieve their dream by the opportunity provided by us..

 OUR LOGO HAS BEEN DISPLAYED ON THE POSTER AS WELL! KUDOS! And we hope to share more important new in the coming future... here sharing some-


Mystic act's Plan of Action:


• we are the one's who create the needs of the students as per their talent.


• we are here to advice you better opportunities.


• we organize a one day special Art of auditioning workshops for students of mystic acts and others.

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