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Bichchoo: The Hilarious Theatre Play

Written By                                    : Moliere

Translated by                              : Wasi Khan 

Directed and Designed By        : Amano 

Performed by Mstic Acts Students


            'Bichchoo' revolves around the families of 'Munne Miyan' & 'Banne Miyan' who though are very rich but are miser to the core of theirhearts. Their son’s 'Munir" & 'Afzal' are close friends .  And they are having love affairs with 'Razia' & 'Neeli' respectively without the knowledge of their fathers & their servants 'Rehmat' & 'Hasmat' are their aids in all this situation . 
             On the contray, "Munne Miyan" fixes the marriage of his son 'Munir' with "Banne Miyan's daughter. But 'Rahmat' the ace servant of 'Banne Miyan' changes all the plans according to the wish of Afzal & Munir and befools both the fathers in a highly comic & dramatic manner.
             With his wit and cleverness , he steers the story towards a happy ending but creating a lot of ups and downs on the way which adds the humor to the play. Language is hindustani with the mixture or khaalis urdu .
             Many actors across the globe have done this play specially Om Puri sir. He was very fond of the play – Bichchoo and he used to say that I have performed bichchoo (directed by Ranjit Kapoor)  in NSD ( National School of Drama), where i did 70 shows and it was a huge success , Later Jennifer kapoor ( wife of Shashi Kapoor ) provoked & inspired me doing this play in Mumbai and all over which again created history.

            Four successful show has been performed by Mystic Acts students so far.

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