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Farhan Akhtar Ki Ishqbazi

Written By                : Ashraf Ali

Directed By               : Saurabh Bansal

Presented By            : Mystic Acts 

                    A love story with lovely twists! This play showcases the story of two friends, Farhan and Akhtar, who share a very close bond with each other. Saba and Fiza are two real sisters.  Love starts blooming between Farhan and Fiza. Akhtar and Saba are too madly in love. When Mirza discovers the love affairs of his two daughters, he resorts to a wicked plan. He sets a condition before Farhan that if he manages to separate Saba and Akhtar, only then he would agree to give Fiza in marriage to him. Farhan readily agrees for the same. On the other hand, Mirza proposes the same condition before Akhtar that if he is able to create misunderstandings between Fiza and Farhan, he will agree to Saba and Akhtar’s marriage. Akhtar also accepts Mirza’s offer.
                      Now the two friends(Farhan and Akhtar) approach each others beloved to criticize one another with their false stories. Meanwhile when Farhan and Akhtar are unaware that they have dug their own grave, Fiza and Saba agree to marry the boys of their parent’s choice. How do things proceed ? Do they live happily ever after or this is the end of their relationships? What is Fakru up to now ? Watch this lovely play to know more.

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