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Neelkanthi: Ek Kanth Vishpai

Written By                : Shri Dushyant Kumar

Adaptation                : Nandram Anand

Presented By            : Mystic Acts 
“Every time humanity is under siege I am blamed ~ Lord Shiva” 
                     Neelkanthi is theatrical adaptation of renowned writer Dushyant Kumar’s Hindi play Ek Kanth Vishpai. Interestingly, this is the only play he wrote in his literary career. However, the play was concealed within the piles of work of the literary genius, until it caught the eyes of Mystic Acts. 
                     The play portrays the trepidation of Lord Shiva as a deity, who represents the common man in all its forms. Following tha aftermath of samudra manthan, Shiva consumed the poison to save the world and, thus he was called Neelkanthi - one whose neck is blue. And, since then, Shiva has been bearing the brunt for the society. Be it hatred, violence, malice, treachery.. all type of poison, he has embraced it all with a smile.                      

                    Yet, the calm-headed deity, regarded as the destructor, is feared for his anger. His anger can destroy the very existence of this entire universe, yet he is expected to consume the poison without any resistance. He does it and keeps going on with his even bluer neck. This is exactly what a common man does every day, every minute. The play and the performance draw a parallel between Shiva and the common man. Expected to live without a voice, the common man is supposed not to think and bears the brunt of every decision made by some higher authority. He is supposed accept it with bowed head and suffer without muttering a single word, just like Shiva with blue neck. Every man has a Shiva within themselves, who takes in the poison without much questioning. To play the underlying complexities of the character, seasoned actor Sandeep Kulkarni leads the cast as Shiva and common man in the play. 
                     Known for their unique experiments, Mystic Acts has styled the play with wonders of Thang Ta – Manipuri Martial Art. The form is used to make the story and thought more effectively rather than just a spectacle.

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