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Production Based Intensive Theatre Workshop

Theatre is one if the very few performing arts styles that have continued to amplify the voice of the masses ever since its inception.

 Mystic Acts believes that life and learning are part of a never ending process. We are a group of creative, passionate and determined youth from all over the country who have come together to quench their thirst for formidable art and performance.

 Similarly the process of self actualization and amplification are continuous in nature. We, at Mystic Acts believe in change and that change is a continual phenomenon. The theater styles of Mystic Acts encompasses mythology, literary, experimental and modern day exhibition.

 However, the soul of performance is guided by past learnings and betterment of the future, thereby completing an everlasting circle of change. Hence, We Are Mystic Acts.

 The group and its members have been a part of the theatre journey in India. Amano has been known for his association with Prithvi Theater and direction of landmark plays like Neelkanthi-Ek Kanth Vishpai, The Elephant Journey, Karna, Mohen jo daro, Farhan Akhtar Ki Ishqbaji, Bichchoo and Jallianwala Bagh.




·       Self-Confidence: By performing in front audience the student get the confidence to trust on his own ideas and abilities. This will be applied to his life, career and school.

·       Imagination: Thinking out of the box, and interpreting familiar material in new ways. Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

·       Empathy: Acting in a roles for different situations, time periods, and different cultures promotes compassion and it develops tolerance for others’ feelings and viewpoints.

·       Collaboration: It combines the new ideas and abilities of its participants. This cooperative learning includes discussing, sharing, negotiating, rehearsing, and performing.

·       Concentration: Performing in a play develops a constant focus of mind, body, and voice, which also helps in life and in school subjects.

·       Communication Skills: In a play a student enhances verbal and nonverbal expression of ideas. It also improves voice projection, articulation of words, and fluency with language.

·       Emotional Outlet: In the play the student is allowed to express a range of emotions. Sadness, aggression and tension are released in a safe, controlled environment, reducing antisocial behaviors.

·       Relaxation: Theatre activities reduce stress by releasing mental, physical, and emotional tension.

·       Physical Fitness: Movement in drama improves body balance, coordination, flexibility, and control.


 These benefits are core to the learning of theatrical arts in addition to:

·       Self Esteem

·       Self Discipline

·       The Ability To Organize and Prioritize

·       Self Reliance

·       Poise

·       Analysis 

·       Problem Solving 

·       Reasoning   

·       Abstract Thinking 

·       Conceptualization 

·       Creative Thinking


Fees – Rs. 5000/- Per Month


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